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Stuff to Eat in Rhode Island [entries|friends|calendar]
Stuff to Eat in Rhode Island (and thereabouts)

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rec's [19 Jul 2007|03:09pm]

My friend and I are looking to dress up and go out to dinner for restaurant week. Does anyone have any recs for somewhere cozy AND yummy (very important!), where we would not feel out of place if we dressed up? We were thinking of:

XO Steakhouse
3 Steeple
Rue de L'espoir
Waterman Grille

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[28 Jun 2007|06:33am]

Where do you think is the best place in RI to get fried chicken?
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vegan restaurants [16 Jun 2007|02:18pm]

i have a few friends staying with me for about two weeks, and one of them is vegan. can anyone recommend places to eat in (and around) providence that have vegan stuff on the menu? the only place i can think of is julian's!
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best burger? [11 Jun 2007|03:32pm]

This article claims to identify the 20 best hamburgers in the US. One is in Rhode Island:
3. Not Just a Burger
Spiced Pear Restaurant at the Chanler Hotel
Newport, RI
Has anyone tried it? What do you think?
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BYOB [14 May 2007|03:49pm]

This is a request for you all to name any BYOB restaurant in Providence (or nearby) that you can think of. I have a great bottle of wine that wants to go on a date.
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Stanley's [21 Apr 2007|05:49pm]


I understand Stanley's hamburger place goes back many decades at its Dexter Street location in Central Falls, RI. Walk in, as I did yesterday for the first time, and you are drawn into a retro time-warp. Not a greasy-spoon, it is a clean and well-maintained bit of history. Everyone is friendly to you. It has a counter, old booths, the ambience of the 1950s and perhaps earlier. The place was well-patronized by neighborhood folks having hamburgers, sandwiches, and what looked like the most gargantuan piece of fried fish conceivable on their fish and chips plate. Since I avoid fried foods and hamburgers, I settled for a nice sliced turkey sandwich. The menu says they cook the turkey themselves.

I was imagining that in looking at the mirror behind the service area, I might see myself a few decades younger. That didn't occur. But this place represents the kind of Americana that is sadly fast disappearing. It's not pretend; it's not phoney atmospherics; it's the real thing! Head out to Central Falls immediately. Across the street used to be the city's "Cinema Paradiso" by the name of the Bellevue Theatre. That bit the dust eons ago. How fabulous it must have been to see a grindhouse double feature at the Bellevue and then skip across afterwards for a cherry coke and a cheeseburger at Stanley's.

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What happened to Johnny B's Diner in Cranston? [15 Apr 2007|12:46pm]

My landlady was taking me and my partner to Sunday Brunch there, but when we got there, it was all fenced off. It was boarded up, but we couldn't tell if there was a fire or if something else happened. We ended up having brunch at T's down the road. Nobody seems to know what happened to the place.

I found their website and sent them an email, but it bounced back as "undeliverable".

Does any local know what happened? My landlady was really bummed. She really liked it there.
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Four Seasons [12 Mar 2007|10:52am]

Four Seasons is one of my favorite Chinese/ Thai/ Vietnamese/ Cambodian restaurants in RI. I like the food, I like the atmosphere. I went there with my parents & boyfriend yesterday - check out what we ate!

Four Seasons
361 Reservoir Ave., Providence (I always thought it was Cranston!)

Spicy Pork Cambodian Style
Spicy Pork Cambodian Style

Click for more...Collapse )
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Coventry House of Pizza [10 Mar 2007|11:42am]

Coventry has a sign as you enter that reads "Coventry - The Pride of Rhode Island". Obviously that's just a load of bull. With no easy highway access and 97.4% of the town consisting of absolutely nothing there are just two reasons to go there - you work in Coventry or you live in Coventry. It's pretty bad when this is a place's biggest tourist attraction. But enough with the mocking, I actually came here to promote something in the town.

Yesterday I worked in Coventry and when it came time for lunch I figured I'd head to the Spike's on Tiogue Ave. Before I got there though, I ran across a pizza place and it's always tough for me to resist a pizza place. So I stopped and had lunch at the Coventry House of Pizza at 875 Tiogue Ave. The large steak and cheese there was great. The bread was a little overdone on the ends, but the meat was very flavorful and even had a little bit of a spicey kick. Like many pizza places, it's set up more for delivery and takeout than it is for dining in. So if you are, for some reason, ever in the area it's worth grabbing a bite to go.
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RI Food Flickr group [08 Feb 2007|10:09am]

[ mood | hungry ]

I started a RI food group on Flickr a while back and just realized I'd never posted it here. Here's the description:

"This group is for pictures of Rhode Island food and drink, restaurants and bars. Please no pictures of food you make at home, unless it is very typically Rhode Island (like your attempt at replicating New York System weiners) or otherwise applicable (the perfect RI tomatoes you got at the farmers' market)."

So if you use Flickr, and you take pictures of food in RI, share them with us!

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Citron [13 Dec 2006|11:15am]

Last Saturday evening, I discovered the joy of Citron.

The main downside is that it is expensive to have a full meal there. However, the service was great, it was stuffy-atmosphere-free and of course the food was amazing. I had the scallop sandwich, which does not involve any bread and is nothing like a sandwich, really. Except that the sweet, tender scallops were nestled between two ultra-thin crispy circles of potato. It was served with fresh greens and a citrus-butter dressing. My dining companion also loved the duck, which was an experimental special of the evening. The ahi app was amazing and the molten chocolate cake blew runofthemill molten chocolate cake out of the water.

They also have an extensive wine list as well as special wine tasting menus.
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[06 Dec 2006|03:27pm]

can anyone recommend a restaurant for a nice office holiday lunch in providence? it will only be six of us so we don't need a banquet room. we each have our own picky eating habits among us so something really specific such as sushi or indian wont work for us. last year we went to pot au feu and all really enjoyed it.
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Beer: Nikki's Liquors [23 Sep 2006|08:22pm]

A couple of years ago I asked around about the best store for good beer in Providence, but nobody seemed to have an enthusiastic recommendation. Luckily, last week I discovered Nikki's Liquors and was amazed with their selection.

They boast over 450 craft beers, and if you're not a beer expert (I definitely am not) you can go by the Beer Advocate labels under each bottle which provide a rating and also an indication of the type of beer. You can mix a six pack and get a 10% discount. Here is their extensive list of beers.

They're a few minutes away in North Providence...take Charles St. to Admiral, which turns into Smithfield Rd. (NOT Smithfield Ave. - I made that mistake!) They also seem to have tastings evey few weeks.

Nikki's Liquors, http://www.nikkisliquors.com
33 Smithfield Rd
North Providence RI (map)
Mo-Sa 9am-10pm, Su 12pm-6pm
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Seeking Mods [21 Sep 2006|11:42am]

Hi there.

Since I don't live in Rhode Island anymore, would anyone be interested in taking over this community? Please comment.

Your Current Moderator
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[26 Aug 2006|10:02am]

I had never really been to Middletown before this week, but I found out that it's pretty much Newport only without the traffic. Middletown just doesn't have the tennis hall of fame (but who cares about that) and they don't have the souvenir shops (but once you see that junk twice, you've already seen it one and a half times too many anyways). It does have some decent food though. And some really nice houses.

Becky's Barbecue - 82 East Main Road, Middletown
The first thing I noticed on Monday when I got to my area was a sign that said barbecue. Right away I knew where I was going for lunch. It's a tiny place with only a few tables inside, but it's a very good place for a takeout lunch. The menu is a bit on the small side, but everything on it looks good. The pulled pork was pretty good, but the cornbread and mashed potatoes were great. Their barbecue sauce was just average (average bbq sauce is like saying average supermodel or average networth of the 500 richest people in the world), but they had a second kind of sweet and spicey sauce that was great. I got a good meal for $5. The only downside was that I assumed they were going to give me utensils and they didn't. I started eating the pulled pork and mashed potatoes with my hand before I tore off a corner of the styrafoam container to use as a spoon. So if you get takeout and don't carry around your own fork, ask for one.

Ming Moon Chinese Restaraunt - 700 Aquidneck Ave, Middletown
The food was some of the highest quality chinese food I've ever seen. Instead of just little shards of hardened pork product that most places try to pass off as boneless spare ribs, I got actual strips of meat. And the chicken fingers were actually worth eating. The food was a little bland, but I'm not one for soy or duck sauce. A little bit of sauce probably covers that up just fine. The portions were slightly smaller than the typical chinese place, but that just means that I was very full after finishing it instead of ready to explode. Again, for about $5 it was a pretty good meal.

Pizza Hollywood - 900ish Aquidneck Ave, Middletown
The only address I can find online for this place is at 238 East Main Rd, but they apparently moved recently because the one I went to was on Aquidneck. I actually didn't know that this was a chain until I ate there. It's kinda like Domino's meets cafeteria. Personally I've never met a pizza that I didn't like so this was still a good lunch. It just wasn't a good pizza. If you're really in the mood for a pizza from a chain, just go with Domino's. I believe there's one on West Main Rd.

And if you're in Middletown this weekend for lunch, take a swing by Purgatory Chasm on Tuckerman Rd. Not only will you get a nice cliffside view of the ocean and beach, but you'll also get to see the trench that I made when I got my truck stuck. The parking lot was a bit too small for me, so I pulled over onto the side of the road. Apparently that mud was a lot deeper than it looked. I was there for two hours before a tow truck finally dragged me out and the trench I made spinning my tires will be there for quite a while.
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The Edge [10 Aug 2006|02:52pm]

The Edge in Wayland square makes a very nice iced latte. They have good seating and good magazines. The service is very friendly.

I have also had a grilled focaccia-pepperjack-tomato-spinach sandwich there. The cheese was less than melty, so it might be better for someone who likes sandwich condiments and would eat it as it is presented-- with spicy mayo.
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[13 Jul 2006|12:58am]

Hi all, what a great community!  As the girlfriend of a Providence chef, I get to eat some pretty amazing food, so this is a great find.  I can't wait to read all of your posts and add some myself.
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[12 Jul 2006|03:02pm]

Don't know if this was posted. I quickly checked but couldn't find it.


Restaurant Week in Providence from July 16-22. if you look at the participating restaurants, they have the special menus.

anway, if it looks like something you're interested in, give it a shot. It's the first year, so if it takes off maybe more places will join next year.

X-posted to providenceri
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bakery pizza [10 Jul 2006|01:25am]

I've been looking for a recipe for what I guess can only be called "bakery pizza." The stuff from DePetrillo's and Crugnale with the crusty bottom and the red sauce on top. No cheese. Anyway, an aunt from out of town has been hounding me for a way to make it at home. It's my mission. I guess they don't make it anywhere else. Anyone have an official (or unofficial) recipe?
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oak? [25 Jun 2006|01:43pm]

Has anyone ever dined at Restaurant Oak on Hope Street? Any good? I'm moving out of Providence this summer and I still have a long list of restaurants to try :\

(i don't suppose there's anything like nick's in boston *sob*)

EDIT: how about bravo brasserie?
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