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Two days from now will mark the 1 year anniversary since this community was posted in. In honor of that I figured I'd post about my second favorite RI restaurant, which I went to last weekend. Then I figured that since the community is so dead, the only thing better than one post about one of my favorite places would be two posts about my two favorite places. So today I'll post about my favorite place to go to eat in the state of RI. Now I realize I have piqued your interest in what my second favorite place is and some of you are going to lose sleep tonight wondering what it could be. I apologize for that, but not to worry, you'll find out soon enough. Just not today. Today we talk about my favorite place in all of RI, the Mews Tavern in downtown Wakefield.

The Mews has 69 different beers on tap. That alone would be enough to make it a great place. You can get a tall glass of one of your favorites or you can order a rack (4 beers, 7oz a piece) and try a few new ones. I've discovered several of my favorites thanks to a rack at the Mews. I highly recommend the Allagash White. If beer isn't your thing then you are a communist. But you are still in luck. They also have an extremely large selection of hard alcohol. They boast over 200 kinds of scotch as well as a very wide array of tequilas and other liquors.

That's all well and good, but what if you don't drink alcohol at all? That's not a problem. The Mews has something for everyone. For drinkers and non-drinkers alike there's the food. In all my trips down there I have never heard anyone say a bad word about their food, no matter what they order. A couple friends of mine swear that their pizza is the best they've ever tried. I think I've had better, but it is still a damn good pizza. Their burgers are also excellent, from the G.F.Y.S. Burger, covered in jalapeno and all things spicy to their Mt. Everest Burger, a 2 pound beast served atop an entire loaf of italian bread and a mountain of fries. They also have several Mexican options and a variety of calzones. The soups and salads section of a menu is one that I typically avoid, but here that would be a mistake. Hidden amongst the rabbit food is one of my favorite things on the menu; the chili bread bowl. The chili is good, but the best part is after the chili is done. The warm, crusty bowl of bread is covered in a layer of melted cheese and soaked with chili. Really, there is no way to go wrong here. (ok, ok, I should say at least one bad thing about this place...their nachos are very dissapointing)

There are plenty of tvs to watch the game, a separate bar upstairs while you're waiting (and on a Saturday, you will be waiting. You actually just missed the best time to go. Before the beach season picks up and after URI gets out of session the place is pretty reasonable. But it is a favorite of beachgoers and URI students, so when they're around the place is packed), and there are always deals on the menu. They have specials during Red Sox games, a Scotch Club, and a Membership card (which gets you discounts, points you can use on entrees or gift certificates, and a free meal with a drink on your birthday).

The address is 456 Main St in Wakefield and their website can be found here. It's the perfect place for a drink, lunch, or dinner any time you're in South County
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