ordeal by roses (fourish) wrote in rifood,
ordeal by roses

Special places...that are open on Sunday

Hi y'all.

I've lived in Providence for five years now, and I've been to many of the fine restaurants we all talk about all the time. But my birthday is coming up, and I need somewhere new and interesting to go with my parents - that's open on a Sunday (for lunch and/or dinner). My original plan was for Chez Pascal (which is, naturally, not open on Sundays).

The price range I'm looking at is moderate, maybe stretching into high if it's not too extravagant. But most of all, I'd really like to try someplace new! I've been to Temple, Local 121, Loie Fuller's, and many of the other new and fabulous places that have opened in Providence in the past year or so...and I'm saving El Rancho Grande, so that's out too!

In lieu of somewhere new, if you can recommend a place you really love on Federal Hill or Downcity that won't totally break the bank but is open on Sundays, that would also be great. :}

Thanks for your help, folks!
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