from a little spark, may burst a flame (inaxismundi) wrote in rifood,
from a little spark, may burst a flame

Campino's - Warren Ave - East Prov.

Tonight, we went to Campino's in East Providence.

It's authentic Portugese food in a small restaurant. They scored extra points with me for serving olives and bread to start. The Portugese soup was very yummy and hearty - I didn't dare finish it for fear of ruining my dinner. I had a seafood casserole that was fantastic, and divineserpent had the steak and egg with Portugese fries - also good, and reasonably priced, too. I had the house red wine and it was surprisingly excellent! Espresso for finishers.

They had live acoustic Portugese music tonight (Friday) and one could easily fool oneself into thinking they were in Europe. I loved the ambiance here. Two thumbs up. Try this restaurant, and if you like traditional music, go on Friday night.
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