euphorianne (emma_rising) wrote in rifood,

Mexican food!

A cute Mexican place to check out is El Rancho Grande at 313 Plainfield St. The owner is really picky about getting good-quality, traditional ingredients, and she does all the cooking herself. The ceviche is really delicious. So is the sangria. Also, it's very convenient from the West Side of Providence.

They are having some specials this weekend (Sept 15-16) for Mexican Independence Day - a trio of tamales is only $1.97 (for the 197 years), and there are dancers on Saturday from 4-6. I'm going to be out of town, but you should all go check it out!

Here are some pictures of chips and ceviche we tried there last week (credit to my boyfriend for the great pictures):

Chips and Green Salsa at El Rancho Grande Ceviche from El Rancho Grande
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