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I spent the first 25 years of my life living in Woonsocket before moving to Providence and then, just recently, to Cranston. Woonsocket doesn't have all that much on the east side of Providence or western Cranston, but it does have them both beat in one area...the food. My friends and I were talking about this last week. Woonsocket doesn't exactly conjure a good image in the minds of most Rhode Islanders and it's not what you think of when you think of fine cuisine, but they have some great food up there. What does Woonsocket have to offer? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Ye Ol' Fish and Chips - They're pretty much the unanimous choice of Rhode Islanders for the best fish and chips around. They're very greasy, but that's the way fish and chips are supposed to be. They're located in a neighborhood that's been cleaned up quite a bit in recent years. The Museum of Work and CUlture is right accross the street and that place is actually a lot more interesting than I thought it was going to be. And right behind that is the state's best outdoor ice rink. Why does it get the nod over the one in Providence? Well, mostly just because it's free. It's also usually not nearly as busy.

J's Deli - The sandwiches are huge and the varities are nearly endless. It's a great place to go for lunch. They have two locations (I think the other is in Smithfield) and there's a very similar place that's just as good in Cumberland. But I still haven't found their equal anywhere south of Lincoln.

New York Lunch - My opinion might be disqualified from this discussion because I've never been to the one in Olneyville, but this little Main St. hole in the wall is my favorite place to get weiners. They make them the right way at this place with authentic forearm sweat included. Every weiner I've tried outside of Woonsocket needs to have the grease wrung out of them before you can bite into them.

J+D's pizza - Great steak and cheese calzones and one of the best bacon pizzas around. I'm not going to say that the pizza is better than Fillini's or Anonio's in Providence. But it's some good stuff. They're also right on the side of a liquer store that has a porn shop on the second floor. Porn, pizza, and's pretty much the only plaza you ever need to visit.

chinese - Chinese can be pretty hit or miss, but there are quite a few hits in Woonsocket. If you like big styrofoam containers loaded with Americinized Chinese food (and who doesn't like that) then there are quite a few places you should hit. Chan's is fairly well known for their food and their second rate entertainment. But Ho Kong's on Cumberland St and King Wok on Clinton are both pretty unknown and both just as good.

The Hideaway - Ok, this one doesn't really count for two reasons. One, it's actually in Blackstone, MA. Two, it burned to the ground a couple of weeks ago. But that place was one of the reasons why I started drinking. They had great food, Golden Tee, and pool tables. The beer was just a bonus. I'll miss those chicken fingers and steak calzones.

Autumnfest - Are you doing anything Columnbus Day weekend? No? Then I suggest you take a drive to Woonsocket. The Autumnfest itself isn't much unless you're a 90 year old lady who loves craft booths and Canadian singers or a 14 year old gang member that likes impregnating your girlfriend in a port-a-potty. But the foodcourt is great. It's pretty much an instant heart attack. I went to the Washington County Fair last weekend and I got some decent food, but they charged $9 to get into the fair and the food booths were spread out across the entire place. The Autumnfest is free and the food is in one glorious row.
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