Brian (steaksammich) wrote in rifood,

We went to the newly re-opened LJ's Barbecue on the corner of Pidge and East on the Pawtucket/Providence border. It wasn't a very good experience. We were hoping to grab some food and head home, but because they're not entirely settled in yet they're not equiped for takeout. So we got a table. We started with a Sprite and a Coke. The Coke tasted like water and they were out of Sprite. So I ordered a Sam Adams. They were out of that too. So I randomly picked a beer based on the name. You can't really go wrong with something named Golden Monkey. We both ordered a half rack of St. Louis pork ribs. The waitress messed it up and we got an order of babyback ribs and an order of St. Louis beef ribs. I ordered sides of macoroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. They were out of potatoes. So I ordered corn on the cob. Again, the waitress messed that up and just gave me two orders of macoroni and cheese. The two of us are pretty easy going and not all that picky, so we just went with it. To top things off, the kitchen manager was standing outside the kitchen barking orders the entire time. That was pretty distracting. It was only their third day open after moving from Douglas Ave and the food was good enough (although psykochatter makes a baked macoroni and cheese that kicks their's ass any day) so I'll definately give it another chance. I'd recommend trying it out, but wait a few weeks for them to work out the kinks. Going right now would probably only lead to dissapointment.

It wasn't worth mentioning alone, but since I'm already here, I might as well bring it up. We went to JD's Family Restaraunt on Putnam Pike in Johnston a couple of weeks ago. It was a Saturday night around dinner time, but the place was dead. And we were probably the only people there who were under the age of 65. The food was kind of mediocre, but the prices weren't too bad. If you're desparate for something to eat and you happen to be passing it, the place won't kill you. But I wouldn't go seeking it out.
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