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Stuff to Eat in Rhode Island [entries|friends|calendar]
Stuff to Eat in Rhode Island (and thereabouts)

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Providence Restaurant Weeks [15 Jul 2009|07:27pm]

Yeah, why is this community dead? It shouldn't be!
By the way, it's Restaurant Weeks: http://providencerestaurantweeks.diningquest.com/
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[15 Jul 2009|03:24pm]

Two days from now will mark the 1 year anniversary since this community was posted in. In honor of that I figured I'd post about my second favorite RI restaurant, which I went to last weekend. Then I figured that since the community is so dead, the only thing better than one post about one of my favorite places would be two posts about my two favorite places. So today I'll post about my favorite place to go to eat in the state of RI. Now I realize I have piqued your interest in what my second favorite place is and some of you are going to lose sleep tonight wondering what it could be. I apologize for that, but not to worry, you'll find out soon enough. Just not today. Today we talk about my favorite place in all of RI, the Mews Tavern in downtown Wakefield.

The Mews has 69 different beers on tap. That alone would be enough to make it a great place. You can get a tall glass of one of your favorites or you can order a rack (4 beers, 7oz a piece) and try a few new ones. I've discovered several of my favorites thanks to a rack at the Mews. I highly recommend the Allagash White. If beer isn't your thing then you are a communist. But you are still in luck. They also have an extremely large selection of hard alcohol. They boast over 200 kinds of scotch as well as a very wide array of tequilas and other liquors.

That's all well and good, but what if you don't drink alcohol at all? That's not a problem. The Mews has something for everyone. For drinkers and non-drinkers alike there's the food. In all my trips down there I have never heard anyone say a bad word about their food, no matter what they order. A couple friends of mine swear that their pizza is the best they've ever tried. I think I've had better, but it is still a damn good pizza. Their burgers are also excellent, from the G.F.Y.S. Burger, covered in jalapeno and all things spicy to their Mt. Everest Burger, a 2 pound beast served atop an entire loaf of italian bread and a mountain of fries. They also have several Mexican options and a variety of calzones. The soups and salads section of a menu is one that I typically avoid, but here that would be a mistake. Hidden amongst the rabbit food is one of my favorite things on the menu; the chili bread bowl. The chili is good, but the best part is after the chili is done. The warm, crusty bowl of bread is covered in a layer of melted cheese and soaked with chili. Really, there is no way to go wrong here. (ok, ok, I should say at least one bad thing about this place...their nachos are very dissapointing)

There are plenty of tvs to watch the game, a separate bar upstairs while you're waiting (and on a Saturday, you will be waiting. You actually just missed the best time to go. Before the beach season picks up and after URI gets out of session the place is pretty reasonable. But it is a favorite of beachgoers and URI students, so when they're around the place is packed), and there are always deals on the menu. They have specials during Red Sox games, a Scotch Club, and a Membership card (which gets you discounts, points you can use on entrees or gift certificates, and a free meal with a drink on your birthday).

The address is 456 Main St in Wakefield and their website can be found here. It's the perfect place for a drink, lunch, or dinner any time you're in South County
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George's Root Beer in Fall River? [17 Jul 2008|12:16pm]

I tried calling George’s Root Beer in Fall River, MA a little while ago and their phone number seems to be out of service. Does anyone know if they're still around? If nobody's sure maybe I'll take a trip out sometime soon to see what's up.
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Sad! [19 May 2008|06:18pm]

I was near Four Seasons on Route 2 yesterday and it looks like they had a kitchen fire over the weekend. The parking lot was still full of fire trucks. I hope they reopen soon! I was just thinking I hadn't been there in a while...

Spicy Pork Cambodian Style Banh Hoi (combination)
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YAY! [29 Apr 2008|08:01am]


Trader Joe’s closes the deal in R.I.

11:40 AM EDT on Friday, April 25, 2008
By David Scharfenberg

Journal Staff Writer

WARWICK –– Offbeat grocery-store chain Trader Joe’s will open its first Rhode Island supermarket on Bald Hill Road this fall.

Known for its Hawaiian-shirt-wearing employees, $3 bottles of wine and inexpensive, gourmet-style goods, Trader Joe’s has expanded rapidly in recent years.

The grocer now operates about 300 stores in 23 states and Washington, D.C., according to company spokeswoman Alison Mochizuki.

Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian called the grocer’s imminent arrival a coup for the city and the commercial corridor along Bald Hill Road, also known as Route 2.

“It’s a win for us because it creates a reason for people to go to Route 2,” he said. “People do drive to Massachusetts for Trader Joe’s....”

....Trader Joe’s is expected to open its 12,700-square-foot store in October, he said....

....The company is owned by the German family behind the no-frills ALDI Food Market chain.

ALDI moved into the Rhode Island market this year, opening its first store on Quaker Lane. The company is also planning a market for Smith Hill, in Providence.

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Special places...that are open on Sunday [29 Feb 2008|02:33pm]

Hi y'all.

I've lived in Providence for five years now, and I've been to many of the fine restaurants we all talk about all the time. But my birthday is coming up, and I need somewhere new and interesting to go with my parents - that's open on a Sunday (for lunch and/or dinner). My original plan was for Chez Pascal (which is, naturally, not open on Sundays).

The price range I'm looking at is moderate, maybe stretching into high if it's not too extravagant. But most of all, I'd really like to try someplace new! I've been to Temple, Local 121, Loie Fuller's, and many of the other new and fabulous places that have opened in Providence in the past year or so...and I'm saving El Rancho Grande, so that's out too!

In lieu of somewhere new, if you can recommend a place you really love on Federal Hill or Downcity that won't totally break the bank but is open on Sundays, that would also be great. :}

Thanks for your help, folks!
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Liberty Elm news [28 Feb 2008|03:53pm]

Just got this message from the Liberty Elm folks and thought people might be interested:
Subject: GOT EGGS!? WE DO! Morning Breakfast Special!

The flat top is finally up and running and we're serving up some mighty
fine breakfast:

- eggs to order
- 3 egg omelets
- buttermilk pancakes
- french toast
- red potato garlic homefries
- Monte Cristo sandwiches
- fresh squeezed juices
- real NY style bagels
- lox plates
- yummy home baked goods

come in between 8am - 9:30pm TUES-FRI
and have yourself
2 eggs, homefries, toast and coffee
for just $3.99!
(dine-in only; coffee refills extra)

Don't forget our eggs are from local HAPPY hens!
and our bacon, ham and sausage are nitrite/preservative free = all natural

smile :) and come have breakfast with us this week.
(mad scrabble games thursday mornings, too!)

* * * * *
Diner-Coffeeshop-Juice Bar-Free Wi-Fi-Local Art-Local Music
in the little red diner across the street from RIPTA
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FREE HENNA @ India Restauraunt :: Fri + Sat [26 Feb 2008|10:59pm]

FREE HENNA TATTOOS @ India Restaurant
Hope Street (where it meets Blackstone Blvd), Providence, RI
Every Friday + Saturday ... from now 'til who knows when
Small motifs (typically $5-10 at festivals) are free!
More elaborate henna is $15+


Also on Friday and Saturday nights, there will be bellydancing, bollywood movies and banghra music! Come sit at the bar and have a drink if you aren't up for dinner but want in on the whole awesome experience...
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East Providence food recommendations? [21 Feb 2008|02:10pm]

Some friends and I are thinking of getting dinner before going bowling in East Providence tonight. Does anyone have any restaurant recommendations somewhere near the intersection of Taunton, Broadway, and Waterman that won't be too expensive?
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Temple Downtown [19 Feb 2008|12:49pm]

Friday night I went out to Temple Downtown, the newish restaurant now occupying the previously derelict Masonic Hall downtown.

I went mostly because I wanted to see what the new owners had done with that much revered landmark, and I wasn't expecting much from the food -- I'd already heard from a couple of sources that it wasn't so great. Well, maybe the restaurant just needed some time to find its legs, because I have to report that we found the menu both creative and appealing, and we really enjoyed everything we tried.

We started with some original, masonically-themed drinks -- the Squared Compass, the Scottish Rite, and the Urban Farmer. Both the Scottish Rite and the Urban Farmer made interesting use of vegetable elements, as opposed to the usual fruit juices and garnishes one finds in most cocktails. The Scottish Rite was made with some kind of citrusy liquor, plus herbs and slices of red pepper. Maybe it was a bit more salad than drink, but it was nonetheless delicious and unusual.

For our meal we had braised short-ribs, which came in a wonderfully rich sauce, lamb steak with white beans, and a fabulous gnocchi dish made with diced squash and a perfectly light cream sauce.

The service was good, the decor did a good job of incorporating the building's unusual history (there are masonic elements everywhere, but also a lot of faux-graffiti, as a nod to the taggers who used to have free reign here). My only real complaint is that the room is so dark, my parents had to hold candles in front of their menus in order to read them.

So... if you went before and were disappointed, or you were turned off by a negative review, I'd encourage you to give Temple Downtown another try. It was a great experience, and I hope it survives until my next trip to Providence.
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Thai Recommendation [17 Nov 2007|11:40am]

At work yesterday, I got to talking with this older, well-traveled couple about RI Restaurants. I asked them what restaurant they bring their out-of-town visitors to to impress them. I was surprised when they gave this recommendation:

Thai Orchid
800 Park Ave in Cranston

They raved about it, and I trust their judgement.
They said not to try going this month though, because the couple that owns it is in Thailand. But before I forgot, I just wanted to pass on the recommendation to all of you. I will definitely be trying it.
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Campino's - Warren Ave - East Prov. [09 Nov 2007|09:04pm]

Tonight, we went to Campino's in East Providence.

It's authentic Portugese food in a small restaurant. They scored extra points with me for serving olives and bread to start. The Portugese soup was very yummy and hearty - I didn't dare finish it for fear of ruining my dinner. I had a seafood casserole that was fantastic, and divineserpent had the steak and egg with Portugese fries - also good, and reasonably priced, too. I had the house red wine and it was surprisingly excellent! Espresso for finishers.

They had live acoustic Portugese music tonight (Friday) and one could easily fool oneself into thinking they were in Europe. I loved the ambiance here. Two thumbs up. Try this restaurant, and if you like traditional music, go on Friday night.
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Seeking CANDY [06 Nov 2007|01:41pm]

Anyone know where I can find a Zero bar around here? I'm on Thayer St., but I have a car. :-)
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Ideal Restaurant for Larger Party [11 Oct 2007|01:21pm]

I've been given the task of securing reservations for a 7-person party (including two seniors) for Friday night in Providence. Because two members of the party are elderly, I'm thinking it should be a quiet, calm place (so Mills Tavern and Red Stripe are out) —not too too avant-garde. Gracie's is probably ideal —maybe even Local 121. Anyone else have any suggestions?

(I'd LOVE to go to Loië Fuller's, but I suspect it's a bit too small to accomodate that large a party.)
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Grinders? [29 Sep 2007|11:00pm]

I thought only those of us from RI and nearby areas called 'em Grinders. Apparently not! Here's a sandwich shop in Shoreline, WA called "Grinders". What's weird is my cousins (originally from Narragansett) live in Shoreline. I wonder if they've been secretly running this place....
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so sad! [18 Sep 2007|05:43pm]

New Japan, 145 Washington St., Providence, (401) 351-6300, will close at the end of October. Chef-owner Yukio Hiyama will close after 30 years at the location as the building is being converted into a hotel.
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Mexican food! [11 Sep 2007|11:33am]

A cute Mexican place to check out is El Rancho Grande at 313 Plainfield St. The owner is really picky about getting good-quality, traditional ingredients, and she does all the cooking herself. The ceviche is really delicious. So is the sangria. Also, it's very convenient from the West Side of Providence.

They are having some specials this weekend (Sept 15-16) for Mexican Independence Day - a trio of tamales is only $1.97 (for the 197 years), and there are dancers on Saturday from 4-6. I'm going to be out of town, but you should all go check it out!

Here are some pictures of chips and ceviche we tried there last week (credit to my boyfriend for the great pictures):

Chips and Green Salsa at El Rancho Grande Ceviche from El Rancho Grande
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[27 Aug 2007|07:16am]

I spent the first 25 years of my life living in Woonsocket before moving to Providence and then, just recently, to Cranston. Woonsocket doesn't have all that much on the east side of Providence or western Cranston, but it does have them both beat in one area...the food. My friends and I were talking about this last week. Woonsocket doesn't exactly conjure a good image in the minds of most Rhode Islanders and it's not what you think of when you think of fine cuisine, but they have some great food up there. What does Woonsocket have to offer? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Ye Ol' Fish and Chips - They're pretty much the unanimous choice of Rhode Islanders for the best fish and chips around. They're very greasy, but that's the way fish and chips are supposed to be. They're located in a neighborhood that's been cleaned up quite a bit in recent years. The Museum of Work and CUlture is right accross the street and that place is actually a lot more interesting than I thought it was going to be. And right behind that is the state's best outdoor ice rink. Why does it get the nod over the one in Providence? Well, mostly just because it's free. It's also usually not nearly as busy.

J's Deli - The sandwiches are huge and the varities are nearly endless. It's a great place to go for lunch. They have two locations (I think the other is in Smithfield) and there's a very similar place that's just as good in Cumberland. But I still haven't found their equal anywhere south of Lincoln.

New York Lunch - My opinion might be disqualified from this discussion because I've never been to the one in Olneyville, but this little Main St. hole in the wall is my favorite place to get weiners. They make them the right way at this place with authentic forearm sweat included. Every weiner I've tried outside of Woonsocket needs to have the grease wrung out of them before you can bite into them.

J+D's pizza - Great steak and cheese calzones and one of the best bacon pizzas around. I'm not going to say that the pizza is better than Fillini's or Anonio's in Providence. But it's some good stuff. They're also right on the side of a liquer store that has a porn shop on the second floor. Porn, pizza, and beer....it's pretty much the only plaza you ever need to visit.

chinese - Chinese can be pretty hit or miss, but there are quite a few hits in Woonsocket. If you like big styrofoam containers loaded with Americinized Chinese food (and who doesn't like that) then there are quite a few places you should hit. Chan's is fairly well known for their food and their second rate entertainment. But Ho Kong's on Cumberland St and King Wok on Clinton are both pretty unknown and both just as good.

The Hideaway - Ok, this one doesn't really count for two reasons. One, it's actually in Blackstone, MA. Two, it burned to the ground a couple of weeks ago. But that place was one of the reasons why I started drinking. They had great food, Golden Tee, and pool tables. The beer was just a bonus. I'll miss those chicken fingers and steak calzones.

Autumnfest - Are you doing anything Columnbus Day weekend? No? Then I suggest you take a drive to Woonsocket. The Autumnfest itself isn't much unless you're a 90 year old lady who loves craft booths and Canadian singers or a 14 year old gang member that likes impregnating your girlfriend in a port-a-potty. But the foodcourt is great. It's pretty much an instant heart attack. I went to the Washington County Fair last weekend and I got some decent food, but they charged $9 to get into the fair and the food booths were spread out across the entire place. The Autumnfest is free and the food is in one glorious row.
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The Liberty Elm, a new diner on Elmwood Avenue in Providence [20 Aug 2007|04:23pm]

I'm in a band with a guy named Chris Monti, and for a little while he rented an apartment from two of the members of a local country band named Lucky 57. He had told me that one of them, Carol (stage name: Kip) was working on opening a diner on Elmwood, and earlier today I was talking to him and he mentioned the diner opened this past weekend. So today at lunch I decided to check it out.

The address is at 777 Elmwood (on the other side of the highway from Roger Williams park/zoo, but pretty close to it). I took a picture:

Liberty Elm, exteriorCollapse )

For lunch, I had the panini. Their plan is to have different panini specials available each day; todas options were a turkey/provolone melt with tomatoes and red onion, a zucchini panini with summer squash, tomato, red onion, and cheddar, and a roast beef panini with swiss. (The vegetables are locally grown where possible.) I had the turkey one and it was tasty and piping hot; it was served with potato chips and a garlic dill pickle.

To drink I had a soda, but I think I missed the boat, since they also have fresh-squeezed orange, carrot, and apple juice (and you can add ginger also). If I go back I think I'll go for the orange juice, or possibly the lemon-limeade.

I didn't try any of the breakfast items while I was there, but I noticed that they were selling bags of five day-old muffins (they make the muffins in-house) for $2, so I picked up a bag while I was there. I've since tried one of the muffins, which are banana bread muffins with walnuts, and even a day old they are moist and delicious, so perhaps I will spring for a fresh grilled one the next time I'm there also.

I grabbed a copy of the menu while I was there and scanned it in once I am home; you can find it below the cut if you're interested.

the menusCollapse )
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Haruki Express [06 Aug 2007|04:21pm]

I ducked into the new Haruki Express on Waterman and was pleasantly surprised to see that they had a good selection of Japanese groceries! Like candy, noodles, miso, drinks, mochi - all that good stuff. And it's not too pricey either.
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