Andrea (darling_effect) wrote in rifood,

Ideal Restaurant for Larger Party

I've been given the task of securing reservations for a 7-person party (including two seniors) for Friday night in Providence. Because two members of the party are elderly, I'm thinking it should be a quiet, calm place (so Mills Tavern and Red Stripe are out) —not too too avant-garde. Gracie's is probably ideal —maybe even Local 121. Anyone else have any suggestions?

(I'd LOVE to go to Loië Fuller's, but I suspect it's a bit too small to accomodate that large a party.)
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Maybe Pot au Feu or Chez Pascal (is that still around?) I remember those being fairly calm and quiet. Oh, or try Oak on Hope St. near the Boulevard -- it's small and pleasant, and the food is fairly traditional.
Chez Pascal is a great suggestion, thanks! For some reason I always forget about them.

As for Oak: I really like the place, but it does get a bit loud at full capacity.
Cafe Nuovo. Mmmm. They can surely do a party of 7, even though it's not that big a place. The food and service are consistently phenomenal.
I always forget about Nuovo too for some reason. They also have the lovely view of the river going for them.

Thanks for the suggestion!