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The Liberty Elm, a new diner on Elmwood Avenue in Providence

I'm in a band with a guy named Chris Monti, and for a little while he rented an apartment from two of the members of a local country band named Lucky 57. He had told me that one of them, Carol (stage name: Kip) was working on opening a diner on Elmwood, and earlier today I was talking to him and he mentioned the diner opened this past weekend. So today at lunch I decided to check it out.

The address is at 777 Elmwood (on the other side of the highway from Roger Williams park/zoo, but pretty close to it). I took a picture:


For lunch, I had the panini. Their plan is to have different panini specials available each day; todas options were a turkey/provolone melt with tomatoes and red onion, a zucchini panini with summer squash, tomato, red onion, and cheddar, and a roast beef panini with swiss. (The vegetables are locally grown where possible.) I had the turkey one and it was tasty and piping hot; it was served with potato chips and a garlic dill pickle.

To drink I had a soda, but I think I missed the boat, since they also have fresh-squeezed orange, carrot, and apple juice (and you can add ginger also). If I go back I think I'll go for the orange juice, or possibly the lemon-limeade.

I didn't try any of the breakfast items while I was there, but I noticed that they were selling bags of five day-old muffins (they make the muffins in-house) for $2, so I picked up a bag while I was there. I've since tried one of the muffins, which are banana bread muffins with walnuts, and even a day old they are moist and delicious, so perhaps I will spring for a fresh grilled one the next time I'm there also.

I grabbed a copy of the menu while I was there and scanned it in once I am home; you can find it below the cut if you're interested.

Food menu for new diner at 777 Elmwood Drinks menu for new diner at 777 Elmwood
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